Oh yeah..

Guys, I completely forgot to mention….I can draw. Pretty decently, I’d like to think. I didn’t discover this skip until this school year, when I was placed into an art class at random. So from now on, please enjoy my oddly placed, usually unfinished art pieces.


“(of a woman) afflicted with abnormally excessive sexual desire.”                                  Nymphomaniac 

Is such thing only limited to a female of older age?

Could such thing exist in one of a younger age? 

Of course it can

These creatures are known as 


Their nature is powerful

Yet they are 

oh so unaware of their power 

Such a beautiful creature 

they are

Not grown up, and filled with rage like their mothers 

Young and filled with lust 

Lust in their eyes 

Lust between their thighs 

Oh so


sweet little 


As I do 

I just would like to meet someone                               A companion 


                                      or not 

One that possesses an equivalent amount of


For music as I do.

One the always turns his/her music up that extra notch 

Not to “block out the outside world” 

                                   But to


                                the music 

Feel it in 







of the


As I do 

One the enjoys the 

                             different genres

 of music

Ranging from 

Country                           To                          Hip-Hop

Reggae                             To                                  Rock 


Classical                          To                                    Pop

As I do 

One the doesn’t just listen to the main beat

But breaks down the whole song 

                               Down to the base 

As I do 

One who                        yearns 

to place oneself in the shoes

Of the writer 

Simply to                 understand 

                                Why these lyrics?

                                 Why this beat?

                                 Why this name?

To name such a creative thing?

As I do 

One that isn’t afraid to


this love for music

No matter what people think 

No matter the trending song 

As I do 

I just would like to meet someone

                            A companion 


                                   or not 

One that possesses an equivalent amount of




                                  As I do 

Ourselves to Blame

I simply want to exist in a world where 


let’s be realistic 

But where everyone is in understanding with their reason for existence 

A world where we all come together in the time need 

Instead of separating each other according to wealth, gender, and ethnicity 

A world where violence is not the first idea in hand 

But the last 

A world where we can remember and accept, not dwell on the past. 

We can learn from it though, in order for us to grow

Socially, mentally, and physically you know? 

Lately it seems as if we don’t learn

Instead of two steps forward and one step back 

We do the opposite and continue to attack 

The one in charge

not the president no 

The one who is the reason for our inability to grow

Ourselves to blame 


She’s witnessed the                            pain of love 

during the early stages of  


She’s seen 

the bruises 

the scars 

and the             apologized filled 


                                       in eyes. 

She’s heard 




   “No please don’t”s 

And the sound of 

                           violent hands 

                           hitting against  

                            innocent skin

She’s felt the  

                           tight squeezes 

                          against her arms

Leaving bruises 

                             The late night  

                         squeezes between 

                               her thighs 

Leaving bruises 
All of this 

                                She’d hide 

In order to protect 

                         Her family’s pride 
And at the         


                             of every day
After those              long 


                            violent nights 
The girl 

simply wished 

That she would have